Vendor Evaluation and Selection

HIS Pros has developed a unique "Non-RFP" approach to selecting systems, which saves both time and money by avoiding the traditional "Request For Proposal" (RFP) feature checklist. Instead, our approach starts by defining each user department's "Top 10" application needs, including current functionality they do not want to lose and adding new features gleaned from demos by leading HIS vendors. We issue a "Request For Information" (RFI) to 5-6 vendors our years of experience indicates might meet the organization's needs, soliciting client lists and "ball park" price quotes.

Based on the demos and RFI responses, 3-4 vendors are then issued a "Request for Price Quotation" (RPQ), wherein HIS Pros starts to negotiate contract terms early in the process, while obtaining extremely detailed price including such "hidden" costs as travel, interfaces and files conversion fees. While vendor proposals are being scrutinized, hospital users are ascertaining how the systems function in the real world through thoroughly scored telephone reference checks with their department-head peers and reviewing user documentation.

We use highly structured checklists to quantify vendor demons, telephone references, un-chaperoned site visits and user documentation, which validate how well vendors perform in the real world. Final steps include a physician fair to compare CPOE and EMRs, and a meeting with the actual Project Manager the vendor would assign for the implementation. All these scores are graded, presented in detailed spreadsheets and reviewed in periodic meetings that achieve a consensus among department heads, Medical Staff and IT, thus insuring end user "buy-in" to the new system.