Our approach to IT assessments has been developed in over 28 years of providing exclusive IT consulting for The Hunter Group, Navigant Consulting, and Insights Health Partners, at many of the largest and most prestigious facilities in the country: Hopkins, Henry Ford, Ochsner Clinic, Sutter Health, etc.

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HIS Pros has developed a unique "Non-RFP" approach to selecting systems, which saves both time and money by avoiding the traditional "Request For Prevarication" (RFP) feature checklist. Instead, our approach starts by defining each user department's "Top 10" application needs, including current functionality they do not want to lose and adding new features gleaned from demos by leading HIS vendors.

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HIS Pros asks the tough questions on terms and conditions with business implications such as defining “then-current” rates in advance, system response times, installer right of refusal and non-performance penalties and remedies. HIPAA and other regulatory compliance issues are stressed strongly, based on terms we have successfully negotiated in the past with each vendor.

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HIS Professionals Meaningful Use Readiness Assessment provides a comprehensive and unbiased approach for hospitals, physician practices and healthcare systems as they pursue Meaningful Use compliance. Our methodology is designed to accelerate Meaningful Use readiness by leveraging our 25 years expertise in clinical systems implementations, security, privacy and regulatory compliance, public policy, health information exchange (HIE) and project management.

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HIS Professionals' complete, un-biased and candid HIPAA Security Analysis is exactly what you need to quickly identify, mitigate and monitor risks threatening your data. Our process has been streamlined for maximum efficiencies rather than the number of paid consultant at your facility. As with all of our services, NO ROOKIES.

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HIS Pros assists healthcare facilities with implementing new systems to insure that the goals set out in obtaining them are actually met. Our experience ranges from working with traditional financial and clinical applications to meeting E.H.R. Meaningful Use requirements. HIS Pros uses proven process inprovement techniques during implementation assistance to ensure bad processes are not transferred to the new or updated system.   These techniques combined with PMI certified Project Managers pave the way for  a "non-event" golive.

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HIS Pros plans future IT activities within the larger context of the healthcare institution's business and marketing plans. Strategic planning takes into account user satisfaction with current systems, potential gaps in the application portfolio, new developments in the IT industry, and current IT levels of staffing and costs.  

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