Implementation Assistance

HIS Pros assists healthcare facilities with implementing new systems to insure that the goals set out in obtaining them are actually met. Our experience ranges from working with traditional financial and clinical applications to meeting Meaningful Use requirements for various stages. We can act as the overall project manager, or assist user and/or IT departments in one or more applications areas. Throughout the implementation process, we emphasize proven project planning and control techniques, and adoption of a new system to the organization's operating needs, as well as re-engineering work flows for optimal system use.

We have developed extensive planning aids for implementing systems, including detailed work plans, PERT and Gantt charts, which assist management in identifying the appropriate reporting structure for monitoring progress. Through the process, we serve as management’s “eyes and ears,” to insure that both the user departments and vendor personnel are performing their assigned duties, providing our clients with advance problem identification and recommended resolution.

In addition, HIS Pros takes an active role in documenting new work flows, developing and managing file conversions, systems testing, and planning the critical "go live" scenario, so important for a successful and smooth conversion.