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H.I.S. PROFESSIONALS, LLC is comprised of senior-level consultants with over 28 years experience each in the Healthcare Information Systems (H.I.S.) industry. Our firm's members have all been hospital CIOs or held senior management positions with leading HIS vendors. 

From regional offices throughout the country, we have provided consulting to clients in over 46 states. Our clients span the full spectrum of size and complexity of healthcare facilities, including acute care hospitals, integrated health networks, physician practices, non-acute care facilities, peer review organizations, and medical service organizations.
Our philosophy can be summed up as follows: to leverage the extensive experience we have gained by designing, marketing and supporting HIS systems to assist healthcare facilities in their acquisition, implementation and effective utilization.

HIS Pros is unique in the following ways:

  • Price/Performance

    We offer hourly billing rates that are substantially less than that of the "Big Four" and publicly held firms charge for principals with 25+ years experience. We achieve this price/performance by avoiding the high cost of costly corporate headquarters and Wall-Street pressures for quarterly earnings.
  • No "Juniors"

    You will not be sold by an impressive partner or corporate executive, only to have the work done by far less experienced "juniors". With HIS Pros, who you see on the sales call is who you get in the engagement.
  • Small Firm Craftsmanship

    We approach each engagement as a unique project, tailoring the results to your needs, without needing to follow large firm bureaucratic policies, remote executive managers, and boilerplate templates.
  • Vendor Experience

    We all have extensive experience working "on the inside" for the same vendors you are evaluating and working as CIOs implementing their systems. We offer real-world, practical experience, not just hollow academic degrees.
  • Independence

    Unlike most large consulting firms, we neither outsource nor sell any software products and so have no conflict of interest when making recommendations. We have no formal relationships with any vendors to implement their products; therefore, our consulting and selections reveal no "favorites" among HIS vendors.

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